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one day i aspire to shop price high to low



Having a bf is rough because you have to wear cute underwear even on days when you want to wear granny underwear

not true if he doesn’t like u in ur granny undies then what the heck is he there for



i live in constant struggle between “you’re wrong” and “but i don’t want to start shit”

My everyday non-confrontational dilemma.


no need to thank me

your credit card will do

"When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment; he needs help. That’s the message he is sending."
-Thích Nhất Hạnh (via jmsdngr)
"Being “cold” and/or “heartless” is often a defense mechanism that people use to avoid getting hurt."
-(via psych-facts)